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    How will this help you?

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    Why is this relevant for you?

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    Mindset and Studies

    • A Fixed vs Growth Mindset

    • How does your Mindset affect your studies?

    • A basic example of a Mindset difference and the impact

    • Fixed vs Growth: Beliefs and their Impact

    • Common Myths about Mindset

    • Summary: Common Myths about Mindset

    • Self-Reflection Questions

    • Can you change your mindset?

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    Perfectionism and Studies

    • Surely perfectionists make the best students?!

    • Awesome definition of Perfectionism! (Thanks Brenè Brown!)

    • A quick glimpse at perfectionism

    • How does this affect your studying?

    • Perfectionists and Deadlines

    • Perfectionists and Procrastination

    • Perfectionists and 'Trying'

    • Perfectionists and Criticism

    • Perfectionism and Focus

    • Perfectionism and 'enough'

    • Excellentist

    • Imposter Syndrome

    • Self-Reflection: Perfectionism

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    Your Brain and Studies

    • You vs Your Brain

    • Habits - Highways vs Jungles

    • The 4 Stages of Learning

    • Do you LIKE what you study?

    • Confidence - What we think it is

    • Confidence - What it REALLY is!

    • Confidence - What Mel Robbins says about it

    • "I feel stupid"

    • My 'stupid' journey - My personal experience with feeling stupid

    • 10 Reasons why we feel stupid

    • Before we look at the impact on our studying...

    • How 'feeling stupid' can impact our studying

    • What I want you to know about 'feeling stupid'!

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    Your Emotions and Your Studying

    • Let's talk about anxiety and stress

    • Perfectionism & Anxiety

    • Fixed Mindset & Anxiety

    • How it impacts our emotions

    • How it impacts our studying

    • The inner struggle

    • How do we see the 'study struggle'?

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    How to 'change' your mind

    • Talk to Your Brain

    • Think THIS, not THAT

    • Think this, not that - My Experience

    • Tripwires

    • Tripwires Worksheet


  • Who will this course benefit?

    This will help: - Students at all levels in their accounting studies (the higher the levels you're studying, the more relevant you may find this) - Parents of accounting students who are trying to understand how to best support them and are concerned about their performance - Students who are planning to move to the next level in their accounting studies and are worried because they hear how tough it is and how other students are struggling

  • What accounting qualification is this course for?

    I help students and candidates studying towards ALL accounting qualifications, across the world. I work with CPA, ACCA, CA(SA), CIMA candidates, and more.