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  • Individual Feedback

    Submit at least 5 questions for me to give you feedback on where you need improvement, and HOW to improve your application, communication, discussions, structuring and exam technique

  • Skills

    Skills to develop and improve communication (ie: Discussion questions); Planning and structuring solutions; Application; and Exam Technique

  • One-on-One Session with me

    In our session, we'll talk about YOUR study challenges, where to focus and what to work on

  • CTA Revision Course

    Revision Course content for all your CTA subjects. Note: You CAN register for this course WITHOUT the CTA content - Use the coupon code: NOSUBJECT when you register and get 30% off the price

  • Strategy & Mindset

    Strategy Tools to help shift and improve study approach, habits and focus to meet the requirements of professional skill competencies (Application, communication, problem solving and critical thinking) Mindset Tools to manage stress, develop a growth mindset. Assists with perfectionism, procrastination and decreases fear of failure and avoidance of attempting questions

Course Contents


  • How do the question submissions work?

    There will be questions in the online course. After you work through the Skill (About 1 hour), you will attempt the question, mark it, and submit it on the online classroom, and complete a Study Form I provide. I'll go through it and provide you with Feedback and Advice (Check out the 'Feedback Examples' in the free preview of the course)

  • Why is this course expensive?!

    Yeah, I know this is pricey. The reason for this is that I go through YOUR attempts and give you individual feedback. With at least FIVE question submissions, I spend a lot of hours on EACH student. Add individual emails, additional marking and feedback… and it adds up to a lot of one-on-one time I spend per student. This costs me a lot more than just giving notes, on-demand videos and a file of questions. You also have access to the CTA syllabus, a few live sessions, and all the Skill tools, strategy and mindset tools.

  • Is this for CTA / PGDA Repeaters or First-timers?

    This will be the MOST valuable for those repeating CTA / PGDA, because you've already worked through the syllabus once, and you can now work on the Skills at the same time as your 'revision'. First-timers SHOULD do the same thing, however, experience has shown me that students attempting CTA for the first time will not engage with Skills until after Test 2, because they're more worried about theory than HOW to do questions.

  • What about the live sessions?

    I set up live sessions about once a month. We'll cover study challenges, Skills that need some more guidance, and other questions you may have. They're done on Zoom, and I will record them and add them to the course

  • Is there CTA Subject Content & support in here?

    Yes - The CTA Subjects in here are designed for a Revision Course. This means that it's really useful for repeat CTA students, however, first-timers may feel they require more content and guidance. Please note that this course doesn't include lecturer support for CTA subjects

  • I don't need any CTA Subject content

    That's fine... you can get the course without CTA content. Use the coupon code: NOSUBJECT at checkout, and you'll get 30% off the price